China builds massive battery storage station

Shenzhen-based battery manufacturer BYD and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) have built possibly the world’s largest battery energy storage station.

The partners say their project in Zhangbei, Hebei Province, combines 140 MW of wind and solar energy, 36 MWh of energy storage and a smart power transmission system.

While there are renewable generation systems of this scale in service today, there are no battery systems of this size.

The State Grid system is demonstrating a stable solution for transferring vast amounts of renewable electricity safely to the grid on an unprecedented scale.

BYD’s role is primarily to provide energy storage batteries in arrays larger than a football field.

SGCC says it chose BYD’s Iron-Phosphate battery technology because of its long service life and because it used BYD’s “peak shaving and load-levelling” charge and discharge methodologies.

“The large-scale implementation of clean and green energy, such as wind and solar power, can only be realized when the technical difficulties of this new energy application in the utility system are resolved,” said Xiu Binglin, Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration.

“This State Grid project demonstrates a solution and will be the model of development for China’s new energy resources.”

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